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Source Of The Volga River

The source of the Volga river is a sanctuary which since the olden days has been attracting people with its mystery. In the folk perception, the source of this great river is inseparably linked to the beginning of the Christian history of Russia. There is a special ceremony of the source consecration for Volga to carry Holy waters across the whole Russian land. According to an ancient legend, this water is considered healing and cleansing, and the pilgrims keep coming to the source.

In 1649, according to the decree of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovitch, the Volgoverkhovsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery was founded. It soon fell to desolation, and in the beginning of the 18th century all buildings were demolished by the fire, and the monks went to live in the Nilov Monastery.

The five-domed stone church built here in the early 20th century looks like the Pokrovsky (St. Basils) Cathedral in Moscow. This resemblance points to the spiritual connection of Moscow and the Tver lands, where Volga takes its source. Today, the church and wooden chapel is all that is left of the monastery buildings of the Volgoverkhovsky Olginsky convent, founded here a century ago. However, this convent used to be the cultural center of the region as it had a library and a parochial school. Several years ago the convents restoration started, and the sacred source of Volga is alive again after many years of desolation.


Source Of The Volga River

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